Breeding quality Red & Black Angus Commercial Cattle

1.) Red is the most populous color worldwide in the cattle industry and provides continuity and uniformity in crossbreeding.
2.) Red is more heat tolerant than black. Bronze skin pigmentation gives greater resistance to cancer eye and sunburned udders.
3.) Being crossed red always breeds true. Red Angus carry no diluted genes and thus avoid grey as when cross breeding black Angus cattle.

We have a Commercial Herd here on our farm of red and black broodcows with 2/3rds of the group being Red Angus and the other being Black Angus Cattle.

They are raised on Virginia Grasses and all natural Sweet Feed with NO hormones or additives. A handful of grain daily helps us bring all the cows up to check on every cow, every day for calving, health issues, lamenesses, and to prevent potential issues before they ever become a real problem.

Our cattle are rotationally grazed year round and fed quality hay in the winter and hot summer time. We even move them around in the old fashioned Cowboy Western Style by horseback, our cattle are very friendly and easy to work with. They are Medium framed animals to produce smaller calves for their ease, and then finish out close to 800-1000 lbs yearlings on a grass based diet.

Touchstone Farm
Quarter Horses & Thoroughbreds
All Natural Angus Beef
Owner & Manager: Kim Kulenguski
Madison, VA 22727
Cell: 540-407-0298
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Current Herdsire: Charolaise/Simmental
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