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Touchstone Farm Geldings
Sonny was the first horse to come to Touchstone Farm. He is a very special horse and has lots of personality. He's always the one to give the pony rides at the family reunions at our farm, he's always 'Old Faithful' for the beginner who wants to ride a horse, he's taught many friends and family here. He was recently leased out and worked with a Therapeutic Riding Center south of Roanoke, Tackfully Teamed in hopes of fulfilling the dreams of other riders who need great horses like him. He is also a grandson of the famous SONNY DEE BAR!
Sadly passed away 9/28/2009. Will be greatly missed here on the farm by all who knew him.
King is well...King. He is a big, beautiful palomino gelding, he's always the talk of the crowd when he moves. He runs and plays like a stallion, high-stepping, prancing, rearing, bucking, just enjoying the day. He had a very rough start and I had to go back before basic and redo everything in order to get him to trust enough to be friends, much less a riding partner. We worked in the roundpen for over a year before he learned to truly trust me as a leader; the time and effort I spent working with him has really paid off. He is finally a saddle horse for myself, and now we are working on more advanced riding skills. Working cow horse, barrels, endurance riding, and much more.
Touchstone Farm
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Manager: Kim Kulenguski
81 Jones Mountain Road
Madison, Virginia - 22727

Cell: 540-407-0298
Sonny Dee Boy - PEDIGREE
DOB: 4-1-1986 to 9/28/2009
AQHA Registered
Height: 15 hh

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Kings Doc Holliday - PEDIGREE
DOB: 1997
AQHA and FQHA (91%) Registered
Sire: MR KING DESTINY (Palomino)
Height: 15.1 hh

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"Caracol" - JC Reg: Affirmed Emotion -
DOB: 2001
Height: 15.3 hh

Caracol is an awesome all around OTTB Gelding. He'll move cattle all day long, or go school lessons, jump cross country, or low level dressage Very versatile, fun horse. A little energy to him so he's fun, but quiet enough for intermediate lesson students.

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"Noah" - USEF Reg: A Sailors Kiss
DOB: 6/29/2012
Height: currently 15 hh
Sire: Sailor Boy (TB)
Dam: Kate (Swedish Warmblood)
"Max" - Reg: All That Matters
DOB: 5/6/2007  -  Blk Percheron Gelding
Height: 18.2 hh
Sire: Gray Stars Lone Survivor
Dam: Graystones Honey Bunny
"Jack" - Reg:  Rays Abilene Dream
DOB: 4/15/2007  -  AQHA Gelding
Height: 15 hh
Sire: Abilene Acre
Dam: Miss Muddy Gay Bars

Wonderfully sweet ranch horse we've turned into an all around Ranch Horse who is competiting in barrel racing and ranch team sortings. He's a Bob Acre Doc Grandson to boot!
Won the 2016 Summer Ranch Sorting Open Class at Wild Rose Ranch.
Max is a massive registered Percheron gelding. Bred and raised by own owner he comes from a long line of well bred show stock. He has not been started under saddle until we got him and are introducing him slowly to it and working on ground work. He thrives on attention and loves to have a job. Will hopefully be a great foxhunting mount for us in the future.
Noah is a super sweet and rambunctious young Warmblood gelding. Fancy mover with a delicate head, with just enough white to get some attention, he'll be sure to be noticed in the show ring. He's currently still growing and learning to be a youngster as well as learning the ropes like trailering out to new places, ponying around the farm, basic ground manners, and the works. Great personality, always first one up to you in the field and follows you around if you're within reach.
DOB: 2007  -  AQHA Gelding
Height: 15.1 hh, 1250lbs
Sire: Mr Sonitalena San
Dam: Becky Be Nimble

Wrangler is a talented ranch horse that we are using for team ranch sorting competitions and barrel racing this next coming year.
Was the 2016 3D Champion Barrel Racer at Rocking M Winter Series.
Was the Reserve Champion 2016 3D Barrel Racer at Maple Hill Arena Series.
"Jess" - USEF Reg: Just Say Yes
DOB: 2003
Height: 17.1hh hh

Used to show Hunters
Currently used for schooling around the farm, cross country riding, and Jumpers

Video 2010
Jess is a big sweet horse. He's come a long way fron off-track to hunter show horse to occasionally even seeing a western saddle and go trail riding with the QH's. Shows the versatility of the Thoroughbred horse and the athleticism that goes along with the breed. He's not one of the best built horses and is pigeon toed, but will have a forever home here with us. He's a great break from the cow ponies and can pick up him anytime out of the field and school cross country or up to 4'3'' training grids. He's very versatile and packs a lot of punch in his jumps but loves his job and is a good horse to have around the 'farm'.
Champ - Experienced Ranch Horse Gelding
2007 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding
Ranch Horse - Trail Horse

Champ is a great all around ranch horse gelding, has pushed cattle, roped around the farm, packed the kids around, done some team penning and ranch sorting. Has a decent handle on him and a calm attitude and is a work horse to heart. Old scar on his back right outside of his cannon bone that doesn't affect his ability to get the job done, doesn't get sore from it even after riding the mountain trails, more of an ugly scar, but we didn't pass up his other great qualities becuase of it.